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I am always trying to get better at flash and am working on traditional animations, which I cant show because I have no scanner.

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Posted by cmkinsac - January 28th, 2009

...in the Ng staff, because I am starting to feel that they are trying too hard to feel fresh. I mean, I have seen at least 10 entries that dont deserve the frontpage they were given. The shape animations were fine, but now that the frontpage is being littered by such crap, I am beginning to wonder about the joking nature of the staff. Is this really them trying to be funny, or is someone hitting mid-life crisis and trying to feel reckless? You guys in the staff need to start giving out frontpage positions where they are deserved, because it is getting rediculous. Especially seeing as there have been so many wondrously amazing animations this year.

Posted by cmkinsac - January 16th, 2009

...I uploaded an image for my userpic and it came up with this staff-looking pic. Weird.

Posted by cmkinsac - July 20th, 2007

I am right now in the process of making the bios of each person involved since we just finished with the battle script:
when it is finally done, though, I am going to work with our actionscripter to give it more features and make it more flashy. Right now, the team actionscripter is unable to work much on the actionscript items because of work, but during the weekends and wednesday, he normally works all day to make up for it.

Progress in Raidforce Mania: Storyboards and Rosters

Posted by cmkinsac - July 18th, 2007


Of all the things that forums do, there is one thing they havent done:
a fully interactive and dynamic forum that runs side-by-side to a game! This forum is extreme beta, just like forum wars and Raidforce Mania, but we have some great ideas in mind! There will be a point system where posting and submitting flash animations will increase your points which can then be used to buy inventory items and equipment for use in Forum wars or for other uses like making your own user title, buying credits, or to level up a rank. There will be credits that can be earned by: paying enough points, buying using paypal, or winning contests or earning front page. With these credits, you can do a number of things:
1. Inhouse Animation Page (only accepted requests will go through transaction)
2. Create flash category (same as above)
3. upgrading profile page (even to the point of a flash menu system)
4. buying equipment sets
5. earn a bigger avatar
Experience the most interactive forum site ever created, and be part of it!

Project Progress:

BETA page:
Warboard Beta

1. Flash Web Designers
2. Flash Animators
3. PHP Experts