Raidforce Mania Bios Page WIP....

2007-07-20 16:21:18 by cmkinsac

I am right now in the process of making the bios of each person involved since we just finished with the battle script:
when it is finally done, though, I am going to work with our actionscripter to give it more features and make it more flashy. Right now, the team actionscripter is unable to work much on the actionscript items because of work, but during the weekends and wednesday, he normally works all day to make up for it.

Progress in Raidforce Mania: Storyboards and Rosters


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2007-09-09 02:43:39

Looks good.


2007-11-18 08:56:41



2007-11-30 22:53:44

hey,are you the REAL raid force?if so,I'm terix from spp.


2007-12-06 13:41:20

Heard you have a mac. Where do you get your flash software from?


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