Entry #4

Someone must have hit middle age....

2009-01-28 00:29:43 by cmkinsac

...in the Ng staff, because I am starting to feel that they are trying too hard to feel fresh. I mean, I have seen at least 10 entries that dont deserve the frontpage they were given. The shape animations were fine, but now that the frontpage is being littered by such crap, I am beginning to wonder about the joking nature of the staff. Is this really them trying to be funny, or is someone hitting mid-life crisis and trying to feel reckless? You guys in the staff need to start giving out frontpage positions where they are deserved, because it is getting rediculous. Especially seeing as there have been so many wondrously amazing animations this year.


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2009-01-28 00:31:58

The staff frontpage stuff like that because they think it's funny, and after all, that's what newgrounds is all about? That's why you come here right? Entertainment.

cmkinsac responds:

it isnt that they are doing it, it is that they are doing it SO MUCH. I havent seen it this polluted with random animations. If it isnt what I described, the staff should realize the frontpage ISNT a favorites list, it is a display of animations that they found deserving of thousands upon thousands of views.